Extraordinary Uses of Lemon for Health

8 Extraordinary Uses of Lemon for Health

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Extraordinary Uses of Lemon for Health – Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium is the main source of lime. There is no domestic work, where does not requires lemon.

From the start to clear/wash something by lemon, cooked anything with lemon, lemon juice, lemon beauty care, and many more by lemon we use a lot. So let go to know something more the use of Lemon.

1. To remove Acne and Blackheads

Acne and Blackheads creating many problem and diseases into our face. This is also defeating our real face. Our face is looking ugly for this Acne and blackheads.

Antibactirial and Antifangal element of lemon helps the skin to prevent acne. Cut the lemon with thin slice. Then use little honey to your skin and rub the cutting lemon slice into that skin. You will get a good result.

2. Operate any light skin black spots

When we are remove our acne, then this acne left black spots on our skin, for this black spot our face or skin brightness is wasted. Lemon citric acid helps the skin to remove black spots.

3. Increase the Brightness of Teeth

to increase brightness of teeth by a dentist will costs a lot of money! But in your home you can to it by lemon easily. Just by baking soda and with lemon juice. Use this paste in your tooth and it will increase the brightness of teeth

4. Remove Oily Skin

Many of our skin is very oily. After a while, the skin becomes oily and dark looks. So the idea to prevent this oily skin is first, take a small cotton ball with lemon juice and rub it on your skin oily. After 10 minutes wash the face. And do not forget to this again.

5. To Bright the Hair Color

We are spending lots of money to increase the brightness of hair, but we don’t know that by very few expense of anyone sitting at home can increase the brightness of hair.

After shampoo, mix some lemon juice with conditioner, and use it in hair. After sometime wash your hair. Apply this method 1 times in every week and after a few days you will see how the increases brightness of your hair.

6. Nail: the Erosion and Strong

Many of us nail broke down easily. Therefore, to prevent nail erosion and to strengthen the nail, use a little olive oil mixed with lemon juice every day fingernails hands massage. This caring will prevent Nail fragility and as well as the yellow coloring of the pack can cure your nail and nail to prevent fragility will increase the brightness.

7. Prevent Dry Skin and Dandruff Head

Those are facing head of a very dry skin and dandruff too; also everyone can use this method. Mixed coconut oil with lemon, honey and olive oil and use this paste in head by message. After sometimes wash your head with warm water and mild shampoo.

8. Clear the Dirty Skin of Your Body

The dirt not only in our facial skin as well as a lot of dirt accumulation in our body. So to clean the dirt from our body, mix olive oil mixed with lemon juice. And message this juice into your body, after sometimes wash your body.

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